Giving back your time to grow.

Hassle-free Crop Recommendation Extraction using Recxtract.

Tracking crop yield at harvest in real-time, using Osiris' CYE technology from your phone.

Integrate with Osiris' Spray Drift Mapping technology.

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What we do

Osiris is an agriculturally focused innovation team, that delivers automated workflows for farm management. We focus on the menial tasks that slow you down and bring technology experience to remove these tasks from farm management.

The problems we solve come straight from growers, and we are always wanting to hear more from you.


Recxtract - Document Extraction

Recxtract was developed to extract chemical spray information from agronomist recommendations, converting them to work-orders to be actioned, and automatically sent as paddock record sheets at harvest.

Recxtract is designed to work for the grower always on the go, Contact us for more information.

Map your Drift

Our Spray Drift Mapper helps you to know ahead of time the effectiveness of your spray based on your meteorological conditions, machinery setup & chemical application instructions.

Our Spray Drift Mapper provides a visual guide to your spray effectiveness and can even suggest preferable upcoming conditions.

Cloud Based File Storage

Our cloud based storage makes it easy to store all you farm documents in one place and integrates seemlessly with all our features.

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